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Spotlight on Calculus Class

Friday, March 1st, 2024

“I really desire to connect every single lesson in my Calculus and Latin classes to the greater purpose and heart of Regents as a school,” says teacher Olivia Didat. “I never want my students to lose perspective of the reason why we are here: to learn about who God is through the lens of different subjects and grow in our love for Him! This may be difficult to do especially in my Calculus class, but I hope to always bring Truth and the bigger picture into every class.”

Miss Didat became a Christian during her time at Purdue University where she received her B.S. in Biological Engineering. “Mathematics is part of the reason I started believing in a creator before I came to know Jesus Christ as my savior, so I am very passionate to show my students how we can study math in a way that glorifies God!”

Although Calculus can be challenging at times, Miss Didat keeps students engaged with the material. Recently she challenged the students to write and perform a rap about what they were learning for extra credit. If you’ve never heard Vanilla Ice meet Calculus, check out Maddie P.’s new take on an old classic.

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