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Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

“In Rhetoric School art this year we have been focusing on creating a variety of values, layers, and washes in watercolors,” says art teacher Jenn Atwell. “The students had several projects before this still life; one was learning to paint three dimensional effects of draped fabrics. Students had to pay attention to creating soft edges in their transition between values, and crisp, sharp edges in areas of high contrast. They have also painted several objects that you would find in a still life, identifying where the cast shadow, core shadow, form shadow and highlighted areas are in a painting."

"This still life is the combination of all these skills from the beginning of the year to now. We will be starting landscapes next so it was important for them to be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to use watercolors, color match, and how to create a variety of values, and soft and hard edges.”

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