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Welcome, Mrs. Kennedy!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

Regents is thrilled to introduce Charlotte Kennedy, our new fifth grade teacher who is stepping into Mr. Muur's shoes who is our new Grammar School Principal. While Mrs. Kennedy may be new to Regents, she is no stranger to the classroom, having spent the last three years as a second grade teacher in Houston.

"Everything at Regents is done with intention," says Mrs. Kennedy. "I feel like I have such an appreciation of what happens here having come from the public school system. I served a very different demographic and age group. But now I look at the things I'm able to do and teach here, in terms of faith, ability, and behavior - and it's entirely different. The kids are capable of so much, it's shocking. Someone who has never seen anything else wouldn't necessarily realize how incredible it is what these kids can do. I'm grateful that I came from the public school system because it makes me appreciate classical education even more. I am so blessed to be here and to have the freedom to talk about what matters most to me."

"I always said that I would teach young students, and coach older students (in volleyball) and I'm doing the opposite here - and it has turned out to be such a gift from the Lord. I think I actually might be better suited to serve these older students because I have more opportunities to connect deeper with them. For example, I'm not teaching reading anymore but now I get to dissect literature with my class, and I love that even more. I feel like God has been pulling out strengths in me that I once thought were weaknesses and in bringing me out of my comfort zone he giving a new enue to my passions. It has been such a gift!"

Mrs. Kennedy is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Elementary Education. While in college, Mrs. Kennedy played club volleyball and began a team Bible study to help mentor and disciple teammates and share her love for the Lord. She served as a camp counselor and on the program leadership team at TBarM Christian Camps where she fostered her passion for sharing Jesus Christ with young students. Over the past three years, Mrs. Kennedy served as a volunteer YoungLife leader at a high school in her area. In her spare time she enjoys creative hospitality, world traveling, watching or playing sports of any kind, cooking and sharing new recipes. She and her husband Scott are thrilled to now call Charlottesville home and to explore the Virginia outdoors.

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