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Regents Welcomes Mrs. Mais!

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Regents is excited to welcome Emily Mais to the Grammar School as a kindergarten teacher! Mrs. Mais may be new to teaching at Regents, but she is a stranger neither to the Regents community nor the classroom. Her children Ben (2nd) and Ruby (3rd) have attended Regents for the past two years.

Prior to joining Regents, Mrs. Mais spent eight years as an elementary school art teacher, seven years in elementary school administration including time as an Assistant Principal at Agnor-Hurt Elementary, and recently directed Bright Beginnings Preschool. Mrs. Mais is currently being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom in a lawsuit against the Albemarle County School Board for creating a racially hostile work environment (you can read more here).

“When we came to Regents, our family was searching not just for answers with regards to our concerns around changes we were observing in education, but also for spiritual relief to support us in daily life,” says Mrs. Mais. “So much was changing, and people seemed so divided and incapable of holding discussions without anger or frustrations bubbling over. Something was missing. God was the answer.”
“Our children are now both thriving and their education is one that is changing our entire family for the better. They are applying the lessons of the Bible to navigate daily challenges of life. They are doing so with great success and it has been a joy to watch Our family has been given direction and support through our time at Regents that I know many other families need right now. They may not even realize it’s there and waiting for them. I am so excited to be able to teach in this wonderfully supportive, academically rigorous, but most importantly God loving school community. We truly feel it is what we felt was missing all along and are so grateful to have found our way.”

Mrs. Mais holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Salisbury University, a M.A. in Teaching from University of Maryland, and an endorsement in Administration and Supervision from Towson University. Mrs. Mais has started coursework toward her Doctorate in Education in Leadership and Organizational Change and was a course instructor for elementary art teachers at Towson University.

In her downtime, Mrs. Mais enjoys spending time with her family and friends, getting outdoors, and crafting.

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