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Grandparent's Day 2023

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Almost 200 grandparents joined us for Grandparents Day on April 31st! What a gift it was to be together and to celebrate your students' hard work all year long with recitations of poetry, Latin, science and history, songs, and Scripture. The Logic School students presented two Socratic Seminars discussing Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan and four rhetoric school students presented speeches on how their family history has intersected with America's history of immigration.

One proud moment was when Eleventh Grader David Keppel delivered his Family Heritage speech about his own grandfather, Roger Keppel, who was in the audience:

"Roger knew that once night fell, the other wounded and himself would be finished off by the Viet Cong. Suddenly, a whirlwind burst upon the battlefield. The helicopter of the esteemed Col. Hackworth landed directly in front of enemy fire. With an impossible heap of energy that only God could have given him, Roger stood up with a gaping bullet hole through his chest and ran to Col. Hackworth.

Roger had not been drafted to fight the war. Col. Hackworth was not obligated to risk his life to pick up the wounded. But they did it anyway because they were brave. Whether they identified it or not, my ancestors were not pawns in a game of chance but were profoundly protected and guided by the will of God. I aim to follow in my ancestors’ example of fortitude and bravery but to do so with the constant reminder of the One who is always in control." 
                                             -David Keppel, 11th grade Family Heritage Speech

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