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Welcome to Fourth Grade, Mrs. McReynolds!

Friday, September 24th, 2021

Regents would like to welcome Rebecca McReynolds as the new fourth grade teacher at Regents! Mrs. McReynolds was born in the state of Georgia, but has lived with her family in Africa for the past 16 years as a missionary with Mission to the World. After many years in South Africa, they moved to Madagascar and joined a team planting churches amongst the Sakalava, an “unreached” people group. Mrs. McReynolds and her husband, Bryan, have had the opportunity to teach various subjects to children and adults from many different backgrounds. While in Madagascar, they also helped start a music ministry with a group of local musicians who created the first Sakalava songs and hymns from Scripture. In addition, Mrs. McReynolds started a small business for over 40 women with the goal of creating jobs, a tighter community and a safe place for women to thrive.

In 2021, the McReynolds family moved from their small fishing village in Madagascar to Charlottesville. While she will miss the relationships she made in Madagascar, she is excited to step into the community and life at Regents School in Charlottesville. “What I love about teaching is it’s not just a job. It's a ministry, it's a calling, it's discipleship," says Mrs. McReynolds. "This is where my passion gets going, knowing that I am one piece of the puzzle of the Lord working out His goodness and grace in each of these students lives and I get to be a little part of that.”

Mrs. McReynolds is enjoying fourth grade and finding many opportunities to apply the lessons she learned over many years homeschooling her five children. “One thing I’ve learned from being a mom is that my kids are all fully who they are at the stage of life they're in. And none of them can be put into a rubric  - each one is unique and individual and has completely different loves and passions and abilities,” says Mrs. McReynolds. “God has created each student a little bit differently and that matters. They're going to learn when you know them - what they're passions and interests are and take the time in the classroom to engage with those different things that excite them. Life happens in relationship.”

Mrs. McReynolds graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary with an M.A. in Educational Ministries, and she is passionate about sharing the truth of scripture with people from every age, nation, culture and language.

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