Welcome to Regents School

Life long learners - that is one of the goals of classical Christian education and Regents School of Charlottesville.  As a school, we hope to inspire our students, our faculty and also our families to be life long learners, to seek truth, to dig a little deeper into that science concept or literary element, to ask, "Why is the sky blue?" or "What inspired an orphaned J.S. Bach to create such magnificent pieces of music?"

The 2014-2015 school year is our fifth year of operation. We were excited to open this school year with 95 students in grades K-10.  We offer a classical curriculum of literature, writing, grammar, science, math, history and Bible as well as Latin, logic and rhetoric, PE, art and music.

Faculty Spotlight

Travis Johnson

Regents School's New Athletic Director, Beginning in August 2015

“I cannot imagine a better successor to take my place in building an athletics program here at Regents School than Travis Johnson. Travis is an outstanding person with both a passion for education and for shaping students’ character and shepherding their hearts toward a sincere faith in God. We are all rejoicing that Travis has decided to take over the reins of the budding athletic program here at Regents. He will be a great asset to the school and a wonderful role model to our students.” -Coach Doug Smethurst